everywhere there is a Mediterranean atmosphere


Unique sensations

is a fascinating place

The Sicilian word Sciala means enjoying life, having fun, living it up!

Sciala It’s an invitation, a sentiment, a way of life. We strive to ensure our guests not only have a comfortable stay, but also high-quality interactions in a friendly environment. Sciala is a small word which is almost impossible to translate but it could be described as intimacy, hospitality, warmth.

The Sciala “mood” is being present in each moment,
treasuring each moment, not rushing about…

Slow living!

… to savour the sweet running of time,
to leave behind the daily rhythms of the city life.

Our Mission

Offering the most authentic Sicilian spirit of hospitality.

We want to offer unique and authentic sensations to all passionate travelers, who wish to be satisfied and loved, immersed in the charming atmosphere of Sicily. This warm, welcoming spirit have ancient origins in our Island, when the hospitality towards foreigners was regarded as a sacred rite, the so-called xenia. Xenia, the Greek concept of hospitality (translated as “guest-friendship”), consisted of three basic rules: respect from host to guest, respect from guest to host, and the parting gift from host to guest. The parting gift was to show the host’s honour at receiving the guest. Sciala B&B brings back these outstanding habits of ancient times by giving a parting gift to the guest. Therefore, hospitality can be reviewed in scialaty.

The project

Natural and typical Sicilian materials

Sciala B&Bis a fascinating place where harmony is the main protagonist, thanks to the meticulous restoration by the two owners.
The structure comprises three rooms restored and furnished with natural and typical Sicilian materials. Everywhere there is a Mediterranean atmosphere, experienced through sensations and colors, from West to East.

Stone and multi-colored tiled walls, vaulted ceilings, stone floors… a careful conservative restoration has enhanced not only the aesthetic aspect, but also and above all the evocative and charming one. Great attention has been given to the history of materials bringing them back to a contemporary expression achieving remarkable results.