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Holidays in Sicily

The tour is marked by the rhythm of the seasons

Sciala B&B will take you on a unique experiential journey into the heart of the island, where it’s still possible to fully experience the authentic spirit of the Sicilian people.

The tour is marked by the rhythm of the seasons, in touch with the land and its products, enriched by a collection of experiences in Sicily to be savored: authentic, engaging and transversal activities, be they culinary, gastronomic, sporting, historical, artistic, adventurous or naturalistic, excite even the most demanding traveler.

Plan your holidays in Sicily with us and choose among 6 periods of the year based on 6 different fruit seasons: the flowering of the almond tree, the first harvest of spring, the wheat harvest, the grape harvest, the olive harvest and the citrus harvest; and enrich the itinerary with the Junta Experience to make your trip truly UNIQUE.

In Sicilian dialect the word “junta” means “something more”, an “addition” that increases quantity and quality of something. Junta Experiences are exactly this, have a good time constellating your stay in Sicily listening to a storyteller music show, or learning a little bit of Sicilian tongue participating to our lessons or exploring street markets.

There are many new features compared to a more conventional circuit. First of all, the opportunity of participating in typical Patron-Saint Day Festivals(all important and very well known in Sicily),of visiting the few wheelwrights still in business in order to become familiar with the history of Sicilian carts and their creation. And more: themed cooking classes, strolls in the fields, visits to the most renowned wineries, to the best-known mills, to the cheese-making farms, and the opportunity of cooking in the homes where our grandmothers still today preserve the secrets of the traditional cuisine. It’s an itinerary that goes straight to the heart, enduring Sicily as a unique and unforgettable experience.

The owner of Sciala B&B is a licensed Tourist Guide (qualified by the Sicilian Region) and will be happy to take you to the Sicilian experiential tours you like to discover.